There are a few iconic drinks associated with Mexico, and one of those is the Michelada.  This refreshing drink – made with beer, lime juice, tomato juice and spices – is celebrated at the URBE, and a perfect complement to the Mexican street food menu.

There are many versions of the drink made and served throughout Mexico, and URBE’s menus features four varieties:

  • Pura  –  Worcestershire, Maggi, lime, chile, hot sauce, Dos XX
  • Spiced Sangrita – spiced tomato juice, lime, mezcal, Dos XX  (also available with skewer of
  • spicy adobo shrimp)
  • El Conejo Malo – citrus, mango, carrot, chile, Cerveza Colibre
  • Chelda – Guanaban Brandy, lime, citrus salt, Modelo