Each pair of ic! Berlin glasses really are produced in Berlin, Germany. Our frames are luxury products, hand-finished, piece by piece. This eliminates unnecessary gaps between design, production, and distribution – no “made in china”. At ic! Berlin, all of our departments can be found under one roof at the Backfabrik (baking factory) in Berlin Mitte. This is the only way to guarantee the highest degree of quality in
the long term: made in Berlin – made in Germany! When you hold a pair of ic! Berlin glasses in your hands, you can feel why all of this effort
is justified: the glasses captivate you with their stability of form and their flexibility. The rounded edges caress your fingers. ic! Berlin glasses do not allow for compromises, because they are naked. Because we don’t screw, solder, or weld, no pair of ic! Berlin glasses can fall apart leaving you with its individual components and unable to put them back together again!